Haul N Ass Productions LLC

Imagine your guest enjoying the gorgeous Arizona evening only to be surprised by a beer packing burro! As they take pictures with a sombrero wearing gentle donkey they make their selection from the different beverages that you have provided us to serve your guest. 

Our beer donkeys absolutely love people and it shows they want to be the life of the party and their handlers make sure that everyone enjoys the longear addition. Your guest will be talking about Miija or Deniro weeks after the event.

What exactly is a beer burro?  Take a look at the above video and you will get an idea!

If you have ever spent any time around a donkey you know they often have very distinct personalities. They can be jokesters, pranksters and most really like to ham it up. Just the kind of personality that can really break the ice and make a party or event that much greater.  There is something about a donkey with their big ears and inquisitive nature that attract adults and children alike and adding this presence to your next event will have people talking long after the party is over.